Meet Invictus Yacht USA as it makes its debut at the 2020 Miami Yacht Show with the GT 370

14 December 2019

Invictus Yacht is participating for the first time in an American boat show, the 2020 Miami Yacht Show, presenting a key model, the GT 370

  • Various units have already been sold in the United States, preceding the official debut overseas
  • The Invictus distributor in the American continent will be Invictus Yacht USA

Invictus Yacht appeared on the European market in 2016. Since then, their activities have firmly established their image, which has always been a distinguishing trait of the Italian shipyard: great variety of features, considerable attention to detail, ever original style, strong character that always delivers elegance.

The boats designed by Christian Grande have won Italian and international awards thanks to their Made in Italy aesthetics and traits. In 2019 – without any existing distribution network – the first units were sold in the US.

2020 is the right time to plan a dedicated marketing program in the US. The decision to expand across the Atlantic is fueled by a desire to improve and to gain creative and organizational tips from a new audience rather than by a specific need.

Thanks to its current productive and financial position, the Italian shipyard is uniquely positioned to successfully enter a market that has repeatedly proven to be very receptive to the qualities and values embodied by the crossed shield trademark.

The Miami Yacht Show 2020 (February 13-17) will be an opportunity for the Italian shipyard to make its debut in US boat shows. Invictus Yacht is planning to exhibit the GT 370, equipped with two petrol-powered sterndrive Volvo Penta engines (430 hp each), in the most iconic color of the Invictus Yacht range, Vanilla Sea, combined with Cognac cushions.

The GT series, with models characterized by the reverse bow, is the Italian brand’s response to owners in search of the best in terms of style, comfort and performance. The large spaces on board can be configured to meet the needs of the end user: be it the tender of a megayacht or the boat used for daycruising, every model in the GT series guarantees larger spaces compared to the ones offered by boats of similar size.

The expansion in the American market will be managed by a dedicated department, Invictus Yacht USA, which will import the models and develop a dealers’ network of excellence. The starting point will be Florida and the East Coast, expanding to the West Coast and gradually including markets in central and south America as well.

The TT series will be marketed shortly after the GT range (exhibited in Miami), starting from the TT280 and ending with the newest 460 model, which is close to its debut.

Invictus Yacht

Invictus was born from a challenge: to offer a new landmark to the Italian and international yachting market of leisure shipbuilding. It is not by chance that the shipyard’s logo, a crossed shield, is associated with great values such as strength, protection, beauty and trust, which are expressed through tradition and experience in the nautical sector. Invictus is represented by various boat ranges, including GT (370, 320, 280 and 280S), TT (280), FX (270, 240, 200,190), CX (240, 250, 270 and 280), HX (200) and SX (280), which were designed and built applying the qualities that have made Italian leisure shipbuilding one of the most appreciated worldwide: aesthetics, materials, state-of-the-art construction, reliability, flexibility and endurance. Thanks to the collaboration with the famous Christian Grande DesignWorks firm, Invictus has transferred a strong technological element and great design into its boats.

These elements have allowed to define a clear concept of yacht: attractive, comfortable, perfect in every detail, fully equipped and able to withstand any kind of use and weather conditions.

About Christian Grande

Christian Grande was one of the youngest Italian designers to be included among the world’s greatest yacht designers. He started back in 1992, designing innovative and often “daring” boats, which were later acknowledged to be milestones of nautical design. To date, Christian has completed over 100 yacht projects and has earned more than 15 international awards. He has also worked with brands such as Sacs and Sanlorenzo, in addition to dealing with the style and design of the entire Invictus Yacht range.

Invictus Yacht

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