A new special edition of the Invictus GT280 is the star of the IN-OUT event at the Fuorisalone
of the 2019 Milan Design Week

28 April 2019

The first-born and best-seller of the Italian shipyard is back once more with a new colour that highlights its minimalist and elegant lines

  • The IN-OUT event conquers the spaces of the CityLife district for the second time

during the Fuorisalone of the Milan Design Week (8-14 April 2019)

A “special edition” of the Invictus GT280 model is the star of the IN-OUT exhibition, which for

the second year is conquering the spacese of the modern CityLife district in Milan (one of the

city’s new beating hearts), during the eagerly awaited Fuorisalone of the Milan Design Week (8-

14 April 2019).

The first-born and best-seller of the Invictus Yacht production is returning with a new and special “Blu Milano” colour, which highlights its “half-reverse” bow. Sturdy and cutting at the same time, it develops with plain, skilfully crafted sides, with very homogeneous transitions between full and empty spaces. The only exceptions are the cabin area and the motor air inlets – simple slits that underline the monolithic features favoured by Christian Grande.

Surfaces are treated as if they were carved out of a full volume and they convey strength that can  ithstand any conditions of use and the fiercest waves. This “solidity” takes nothing from the careful approach that has always characterised the work of the designer from Parma. Every little detail in the open Invictus models is perfect, from the selection of the materials and covers to the full range of devices.

City Life is where the future of style, elegance and exclusivity lands in Milan this year,” declares Christian Grande. “In this ideal port, cross-roads of trends and inspiration and shaded by the towers reflecting spring skies, the Invictus GT280 Blu Milano is moored. This is the special edition of a boat that, like all classics, never ceases renewing itself and is always surprising. The ever-refined details are combined  with the energy of a colour that vibrates in the sun and wind – the perfect manifesto of a city that does not want to stop exploring new routes.

In this outstanding exhibition context – which proves that boats are not just a means of transport but a true expression of outdoor life – Invictus is supported by Nautica Bertelli, the official distributor for northern Italy, Switzerland and Austria.

IN-OUT 2019, the square of wonders

Designed and curated by the architect Fabio Rotella (Studio Rotella firm), IN-OUT aims at offering a chance to reflect on outdoor life through a number of exhibition platforms, in what has been named a “wundersquare”, a square of wonders in which everything is designed to provide well-being. The co-organisers of the second edition of the event (in addition to Studio Rotella) are Sergio Rossi from Fierecom & Events (who designed the SUN in Rimini), Barbara Colonnello from the Promoest event planning agency, and Class Editori, which will be an event partner through the Telesia and the special MF Living communication channels. IN-OUT has the patronage of the Municipality of Milan, of the Italian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and of the Italian Trade Agency, which will organise an inauguration cocktail on 8 April with the buyers in this sector from all over the world.


Invictus was created as a challenge: to offer to the national and international yachting market a new reference point for pleasure yachting. The symbol created for the yard was not chosen by chance: a shield with a cross represents important values: beauty, strength, protection and trust, elaborated through the experience and tradition of the Italian nautical sector. Invictus is represented by the GT (370, 320 and 280), TT (280), FX (270, 240, 200, 190), CX (240, 250 and 280), HX (200) and SX (280), designed and built applying the qualities that have made Italian shipyards the most esteemed in the world for their refined aesthetics, materials, state of the art assembly, dependability, versatility and long life. Thanks to their collaboration with the famous Cristian Grande DesignWorks studios, Invictus has brought a high level of technology and design to their vessels. These elements have allowed them to define a clear conception of a yacht: beautiful and comfortable, well equipped and completed with a maniacal attention to details, ready for any kind of use and sea condition.

Who is Christian Grande

Christian Grande was one of the youngest Italian designers to become part of the palmares of yacht  esigners. He has designed innovative vessels since 1992, courageously creating innovative yachts that will later become corner stones in nautical design. Presently Cristian has completed over 100 yacht designs and been presented with more than 16 international awards. He has also collaborated with Sacs and San Lorenzo in addition to overseeing styling and design for the entire Invictus Yacht gamma. Invictus Yacht

Invictus Yacht

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