Those are the distinctive features that leap out when looking at the new creations of Christian Grande: open type boats with multiple vocations, and intended to be the progenitors of the new brand “Invictus”. The name and the logo, symbolizing a crusader shield, are conceived not by chance, in order to express the product’s style and quality, both pursuing thew and reliability. The debut production will include two ranges of leisure boats, corresponding with two types of propulsion: inboard-outboard for the “GT” series, more tending to leisure and sailing, and outboard for the “FX”, more technic and sporty. The 280 GT model, that will introduce Invictus to the world, has a partially upside down bow, that appears sharp and massive at the same time, and continues with clean, smooth sides with homogeneous balance between the surfaces except for the cabin windows and air intakes areas that are shaped as simple fissures, in order to highlight the monolithic characters conceived by Christian Grande. The choice of this peculiar bow’s shape, by the way, adds floating length, resulting in more longitudinal stability and, in terms of interior space, offering more comfort in the lower deck. The designer narrates with the boat’s shapes what also the logo represents, that is strength and thew, safety and protection, reliability and durability. The surfaces are indeed treated as machined from solid and communicate resilience able to resist to any condition of use and to any waves’ aggression.

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