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The very high level of finishing and attention to detail, is just one of the starting points of Invictus Yacht to offer its customers the best product ever. Both in terms of quality and style, uniqueness and reliability. Invictus wants to deliver the best. All series already offer several colors, equipment and configurations, with great freedom for the customer to create his boat according to his taste and application. This approach to give full satisfaction to retail customer is behind the success that our products already has. Invictus stepped forward offering to his customers a team of qualified and skilled workers and suppliers, to guarantee the best product. This allows the yard to respond to custom requests, offering choice of fabrics, wood, colors and special techniques.


The color makes identity. The concept of luxury suggested by Invictus starts from the boat design and goes until the color, making true the most intimate thinking of the customer. It is for this reason that Invictus offers a wide selection of chromatic customizations of its models. Thanks to a wide color and tones choice every boat will be unique and precious.



The Atelier is the private club of the Invictus world, where the customer is invited to be part of a restricted and exclusive group, to tailor his boat. Entering the atelier the customer is looked after since the beginning, through a virtual laboratory where his unique boat is created, with personal additions and custom equipments. The yard becomes a fashion design studio, tailoring a “one-off” vessels to express the character, style and taste of the customer, the only owner of his unique and only boat with such equipment, quality and beauty.

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