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Strenght and purity.

Those are the distinctive features that leap out when looking at the new creations of Christian Grande: open type boats with multiple vocations, and intended to be the progenitors of the new brand “Invictus”. The name and the logo, symbolizing a crusader shield, are conceived not by chance, in order to express the product’s style and quality, both pursuing thew and reliability. The debut production will include two ranges of leisure boats, corresponding with two types of propulsion: inboard-outboard for the “GT” series, more tending to leisure and sailing, and outboard for the “FX”, more technic and sporty. The 280 GT model, that will introduce Invictus to the world, has a partially upside down bow, that appears sharp and massive at the same time, and continues with clean, smooth sides with homogeneous balance between the surfaces except for the cabin windows and air intakes areas that are shaped as simple fissures, in order to highlight the monolithic characters conceived by Christian Grande. The choice of this peculiar bow’s shape, by the way, adds floating length, resulting in more longitudinal stability and, in terms of interior space, offering more comfort in the lower deck. The designer narrates with the boat’s shapes what also the logo represents, that is strength and thew, safety and protection, reliability and durability. The surfaces are indeed treated as machined from solid and communicate resilience able to resist to any condition of use and to any waves’ aggression.

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This “solid” aspect, however, does not lessen the usual and careful approach that from the beginning goes along with the works of the designer from Parma: the Invictus’ boats are indeed well-finished in any detail, in the material and upholstery choices as well as in the equipment completeness. On board of the GT 280, for example, we find a wide stern platform and an engine room covered with an expandable cushion. The L shaped sofa is pointed towards the pilot cockpit, equipped with a double pilot seat integrated into the central piece equipped with fridge, storages and hob, a real outdoor kitchen.

The cockpit, hosting also the entrance to the lower deck, is protected by a very wide and embracing windscreen, and it’s equipped with a complete, last generation digital instrumentation, inclusive of a semi-transparent roll angle display. The left bulwark is optimized for the on board walking and equipped with a spacious compartment that can be customized for different uses, including the storage for a coordinated set of travel bags and luggage.

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The bow area is a sundeck, very wide and designed to be fully used, and covers the forward portion of a very spacious cabin, nearly a “mini-suite”, with storage furniture and separated bathroom. The new opens are really seeming to be challenging, both in terms of name, both regarding their origin: they will be built by an historical Italian shipyard, for a long time working side by side with Christian Grande and already renowned inside the hall of fame thanks to its realizations, always outstanding for the quality, the aesthetic appeal and the unique performances.

About Christian Grande

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Christian Grande, born in 1972, has founded his studio in 1992, working on yacht and product design, with over 100 vessels created in the last 20 years, counting both restyling and ex-novo project. His studio is continuously growing, with an actual team of 15 people, broadening his expertise in civil architecture and interior design, also contributing to educational and tutorial activities.
“The precise lines of the sleek hull, from the sloping aft till the powerful bow, give shape to a new concept of systematic design, expressing the synthesis between power and elegance through dynamic proportions and sculpted surfaces. Thanks to their protruding muscled cross section, sleek sides and cut off tail, all new Invictus acquire a fascinating and majestic appearance”.
Finishings combines with light, which is accelerating and stopping, reflecting and being absorbed, chasing each other on glossy and opaque surfaces, with magic combinations. The final effect is always balanced and simple, creates ambiances where contemporary luxury atmospheres are perceived,glimpsing into the future. Each boat is a measured composition of material, shapes, colors, flowing into a blend with a strong identity, marking the new reference design. The Invictus Yacht design.
The fifteen members of Christian Grande’s studio are eclectic and diversified in their skills; the design office is therefore able to handle several tasks simultaneously, in different families of industrial products – from nautical to automotive design, from interior to public architecture. At CG DesignWorks multitasking is their strongpoint, thanks to the involvement of engineers and nautical specialists, graphic designers and and architects, all from different spheres of professional activity.This allows CG DesignWorks to obtain knowledge from the most varied sectors and translate the input as needed, shaping the project to the client and product at hand. For Christian design is not limited just to the from of the object, but has to delve into the “why”: design has to consider the chain of suppliers, the productive cycle, the feasibility study of a specific product line or the use possibilities of a certain material, continuously controlling costs, with the end result of offering the client not just a work of art, but a winning industrial product.

The most recent successes signed by the Parma based CG DesignWorks are the fast RIB “Lancia di Lancia” (protagonist of international nautical design, chosen to accompany the Hollywood stars present at the Venice Film Festival) and the Sessa Marine C68 (featuring many new stylistic solutions, both interior and exterior, and awarded the “Best Motor-yacht Design under 24 meters” at the 2009 Cannes Boat Show). In addition there are also the successful DesignWork childcare products, the bestselling Inglesia, Brevi and Nardi car-seats, known for their quality and practicality.
Best Motor Yacht, below 60 feet in lenght – Xiamen 2012
Barca dell’anno – Milano 2012
Born Designer – Courchevel 2012
Laboratorio Parma – Parma 2011
Innovation Award 2011 – Koln 2011
Best Sport Yacht Design of 2011, under 24 mt length – Cannes 2011
Motor Boat of the Year 2010 Award – London 2010
Best Motoryacht Design of 2009, under 24 mt length – Cannes 2009
Croatian Boat of the Year Award – Port Rose 2008
Best Boat of the Year Award – Miami 2008
Motor Boat of the Year 2008 Awards – London 2008
Winner Pratical Parenting 2007/2008 – London 2008
European Boat of the Year 2007 – Dusseldorf 2007
Millenium Yacht Design Awards (special mention) – Carrara 2006
Pratical Parenting 2005/2006 – Best Buy – London 2006
Yacht European Trophy, 50/60ft Open – Cannes 2005